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*   HEADERS   *

Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E,F,M-bodies

Poly:  318

Small Block:  273, 318, 340, 360

Big Block B:  383, 400

Big Block RB:  440, 413-426 wedge

Gen2 Hemis:  426, 472, 528 crate

Gen3 Hemis:  5.7, 6.1, 6.4

Late Models:  Challenger, Charger, Chrysler300s and Magnum's

Gen3 Hemi:  5.7, 6.1, 6.4

SRT-8 Drag Pack headers

Hemi Ram Trucks: 2003-2007

Gen3 Hemi:  5.7L headers

Dodge Neons:  1994-2005

2.0L Short tube headers

2.0L Long tube headers


Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E-body

Mopar Classics:  62-65 Max Wedge

Late Models:  Challenger, Charger, Chrysler 300s & Magnum's

Hemi Ram Trucks:  2003-2007

Dodge Neons:  1995-2005


Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E-bodies


H-pipe Assembly

X-pipe Assembly


Muffler Hangers

Muffler Hanger Brackets


Tailpipe Hanger Receptacles

Tips, Dual-Rectangular 70-74 Challenger

Tips, Rectangle (70-74 Cuda)

Tips, Oval (Plymouth)

Tips, Rectangle (Dodge)

Tips, Slotted (71-74 Dodge/73-74 Ply)

Late Models:  Challenger, Charger, Chrysler 300s and Magnum's

Cat-Eliminator pipe

Cat-Eliminated Header Pipes

Header-pipes with cats

Mid-pipe without cats

Mid-Section Assembly w/ cats

Cat-Eliminated Mid-Section Assembly

Tips, dual-rectangular (Challenger)

Tips, 9" round (Magnum)

Hemi Ram Trucks: 2003-2007

Exhaust tip, 13" round

Y-pipe assembly with cats

Dodge Neons:  1995-2005

Catalytic converter assembly

Header adapters

Cold air intake system


Tips, 9.5" round rolled edge


Aluminized turndown extensions

Oval (Plymouth)

Rectangle (Dodge)

Dual-Rectangle (Challenger style)

Rectangle (Cuda style)


Round rolled edge

Slotted with colored inserts

  *   COMPONENT   *


Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E-bodies

Fasteners:  Bolt, Clamps

Flanges, Gaskets

Header Reducer Adapters, Universal Header Adapter Kits

Motor Mounts

Muffler Hangers

Muffler Hanger Brackets

Oil Filter Blocking Plate

Shifter Mounting Bracket (727 Trans)

9" Slip-Connectors (aluminized tube)

Spark Plug Wrench

Tailpipe Hanger Receptacles

Rubber Bracket Hanger Insulator

Torque Shaft Assembly (for Column Shift)

Z-Bar  (for A-bodies with Standard Trans)

Late Models:  Challenger, Charger, Chrysler 300s and Magnum's

Catalytic Converter

Flanges / Gaskets

O2 Sensor Extension Harnesses

Hemi Ram Trucks: 2003-2007

Fasteners:  Clamps

Flanges / Gaskets

Fuel Line Insulation Materials

Muffler, High Perf 304SS

O2 Sensor Extension Harnesses

Dodge Neons:  1995-2005

Flanges / Gaskets

Cold Air Intake System

Motor Mount, Front

Strut Bars, Front & Rear


Updated: March 10, 2017



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