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Polished Ceramic Coated with a Thermal Barrier

An appealing silver high-luster finish applied to the steel surface to protect against rust, corrosion and withstands temperatures up to 1200F.  Will not discolor or blue if temperature is not exceeded.  The thermal barrier is a protective inside coating which increases part longevity by reducing under-hood temperatures by 50 degrees protecting component parts from thermal fatigue.


Note:  Exhaust corrosion will occur if moisture (condensation) is not cleared out of the tubes.  Make sure that the vehicle is driven at least 20 to 30 minutes whenever the car is started to completely dry out all liquid / acid that is created by the combustion process in the engine.  Failure to do so will cause pre-mature rotting of the tubes from the inside out.


Warning:  First Engine Runs

We strongly suggest that you use an old set of headers or set of cast iron manifolds for your first engine run / cam break-in.  This will insure that you will not damage the coating and void the warranty of your new headers.  Header coating damage usually occurs during the first engine run / break-in when the exhaust temperatures exceed 1200F.  Excess exhaust temperatures are normally caused by excessively rich or lean air / fuel mixtures and / or incorrect ignition timing.


2-Year Limited Ceramic Coating Warranty





Updated: March 05, 2014