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Header Adapters are used to transition headers to an exhaust system. 

  • When ordering headers, your exhaust system size will be required.

  • When ordering an exhaust system, your header make and model will be required.


Header Reducer Adapters:  Supplied with purchase of headers.   ...more info

(Header reducer adapter set includes (2) 3-bolt gaskets & hardware)


Pre-fabricated Header Adapters:  TTi designed adapters utilizing new unmodified Hooker, Headman, & Thorley Headers to mate with TTi exhaust systems.  Precision tooling-fixtures are used to insure exact replication of each different adapter.  Should your adapter not fit your header properly due to a manufacturing variation in your particular header, it will be necessary to modify the adapter to fit your particular header variation.   ...more info

(Pre-fabricated header adapter set includes (2) 3-bolt gaskets & hardware)


Universal Adapter Kit:  If TTi does not make a header adapter for your header application or if you do not know what brand of headers your running, you will have to custom fabricate your own adapters from the headers to the H-pipe or X-pipe using our Universal Adapter Kit (Welding Required).   ...fabrication illustration

(Universal adapter kit includes (2) Reducers, reducer gaskets, (2) 90 degree bends, hardware & fabrication instructions)





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